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The British Air Commission and Lend-Lease

The British Air Commission and Lend-Lease

Compiled by Ken Meekcoms
The British Air Commission was set up in the USA after World War Two broke out to administer the placing of orders with US industry for aircraft, engines and aviation equipment. It arranged shipment of material initially to the UK and later to other ports in Africa and Asia.
There was also a French Purchasing Commission. In June 1940, a brave French civil servant sold all the French orders to the British for just one US dollar in payment! Thus, the RAF acquired Marylands, Bostons, Mohawks and even five Clevelands.
Lend-Lease began to take effect during 1941, all previous orders having been direct cash purchases. Large numbers of aircraft were shipped and ferried to war zones while others went to training stations of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.
US Lend-Lease to the UK stopped abruptly at the end of World War Two and the BAC was closed down. Fortunately, a staff member saved some of the Commission¹s files, which provided the background and detail for this book.
This 270-page hardback provides a virtually complete cross-reference to UK/US serial tie-ups and details all Canadian-built Lancaster and Mosquito exports to the UK.
Fully illustrated with views of all types involved.


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