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Hawker - The Yugoslav Story

Hawker - The Yugoslav Story

In the mid-thirties of the last century, in military terms, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia began to move away from France, its ally from the Great War. Although French military and political circles continued to press ahead to acquire their weapons and equipment, the Balkan kingdom has already turned to other suppliers, primarily to Great Britain and Germany. Representatives of the United Kingdom's aviation industry began to visit the Kingdom of Yugoslavia at the end of the twenties. The Aviation Command showed great interest in Hawker Fury Mk.I, which at that time had outstanding performance. However, everything ended with the acquisition of only three Furies. Only a few years later, the interest of the Yugoslavs for a more modern version of Fury Mk.II was renewed. In addition to the imported machines, a license for domestic production was also purchased. By producing Fury at the Ikarus and Zmaj airplane factories, the domestic aviation industry has gained valuable experience for further development.

Almost parallel to the purchase of modernized Fury, negotiations continued for the purchase of a two-seater bomber, also from Hawker's production. It was the Hind. However, after purchasing only three airplanes, the Aviation Command lost interest in this type, primarily due to the emergence of more modern and faster airplanes with the same purpose.

A logical sequence of events was the interest in one of the most successful models ever to come out of Hawker's production halls, the Hurricane. The military and political leadership of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was among the first to show interest in the new airplane. An expert delegation that soon visited Hawker's factory and tested the Hurricane, returned with the best impressions. Soon, a procurement agreement was concluded as well as a purchase of a production license for domestic factories.

Pilots of the Royal Yugoslav Army Air Force in their Hawkers bravely and without hesitation confronted the far superior enemy in April 1941. This gallant effort was not enough to change the course of the unfortunate events. Nevertheless, even after the disappearance of Royal Yugoslav Hawkers, just a few years later, the Hurricane engines once again roared in the Yugoslav sky, this time with the RAF pilots.

Book is A4 size, hard cover, 196 pages and weighs 0.95kg

It contains more than 50 testimonies, written statements, orders and observations by direct participants from all sides that take part in 1941 April war. It also contains a completely unknown and unpublished interview with Serbian Engineer Kosta Sivcev, who participated in the unprecedented modification of the Hurricane to a Daimler Benz DB601 A engine (LVT-1 Project), describing the entire job in smallest details. Special technical drawing of modified airplane is inside as well.

There is six maps inside, as well as Appendix 10 (Places with Geographical Coordinates) with the exact GPS coordinates of each place (130+) mentioned. With the help of Appendix 11 (Personal Names), you will quickly find some of the (300+) names in the book.

Beautifully selected photographs and documents (254+3). Exactly 50 color profiles and views prepared by Aerospace Engineer Dragan Šaler, who evoke in detail the little known VVKJ Hawkers coloring schemes and markings, as well as several unusual and unique modifications made at the Zmaj and Ikarus airplane factories…

Aleksandar M. Ognjevic
January 2020, Belgrade

Price: 35.00

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