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MILITARY TRANSPORTS Quick Reference 2020

MILITARY TRANSPORTS Quick Reference 2020

MTQR 2020 is produced in the established QR format and lists the worldwide fixed-wing military transports and patrol aircraft fleets.

Types range from the largest types down to some of the larger single-engine types such as the Cessna 208 and PC-12; patrol types include the Atlantique and the Orion.

All known Western, Soviet and Chinese types are included.
In addition to aircraft operated by the various air forces, navies and armies, aircraft operated by governmental bodies are also included.

Data includes serial or registration and c/n, and is presented in order of country, air arm and then serial. In the case of Russia those aircraft with new style RF-prefixes, serials and associated colour codes are added. For ease of use the aircraft operated by the US air arms are in order of type rather than serial.


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