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The Oxford, Consul & Envoy File

The Oxford, Consul & Envoy File

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by John Hamlin.
Tens of thousands of RAF and Commonwealth airmen trained on the versatile Airspeed Oxford between 1938 and the early 1950s. Built in great numbers, the Oxford served in a wide range of training units and also in the communication role. The type, whose manufacturers included not only Airspeed but also de Havilland, Standard Motors and Percival, was used extensively in Commonwealth countries and after World War Two by many foreign air forces.

John Hamlin¹s thorough and generously illustrated profile also includes the Oxford¹s cousins ­ the Airspeed Envoy and Consul, making this volume a must for both military and civil historians. Each individual aircraft history is covered.

A4 hardback, 284 pages. Hundreds of black and white photographs plus 8 pages of superb colour side-view drawings. ISBN: 978 0 85130 289 0