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UK & Ireland Quick Reference 2016

UK & Ireland Quick Reference 2016

UKQR 2016

British Isles Civil and Military Aircraft Registers Quick-Reference 2016
16th Annual Edition
This 160-page title in our long-established QR range includes
** UK, Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey current civil registers
** UK and Ireland current military serials
** UK-based US military serials
** Comprehensive listing of 1200+ overseas-registered aircraft based in the UK & Ireland
** The best listing of the airfields and strips at which UK and Irish registered aircraft are based, and which aircraft were based there at the time of going to press, plus tower frequencies
** UK & Ireland Aircraft Museums and the aircraft to be seen at them, plus web addresses
** Includes all aircraft, gliders, microlights, balloons etc plus
** Aircraft carrying only military or period markings cross-referenced to their UK registrations
All this in A5 soft-back for only £8.95 members, eminently portable and indispensable for the aviation enthusiast

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Propliner Annual 2016

Propliner Annual 2016


Propliner Annual 2016

This is the first of hopefully now annual Propliner series, previously published quarterly.

96 pages.

£13.95 including postage

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Mostly Military

The Secret Years - Flight Testing at Boscombe Down 1939-1945

The Secret Years - Flight Testing at Boscombe Down 1939-1945

Price: 37.95

The highly classified work of the A&AEE (Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment) at Boscombe Down included the intense, ever-expanding business of testing aircraft and their varied armaments in WWII.

Over 1,500 British, American and German aircraft of the RAF, Fleet Air Arm, Army and the Luftwaffe were tested at Boscombe Down.

Aircraft as diverse as the Aerovan, Barracuda, Pitcairn PA39 and Nomad were put though their paces together with, amongst others the Skymaster, Vengeance, Lightning, Hudson and Welkin plus the more well-known Wellington, Mosquito, Halifax, Ju88, Fw190 and Spitfire.

Using some 500 photographs, The Secret Years explores unusual variants of standard service aircraft types, machines which remained purely experimental, and the trials with their guns, bombs, rockets and equipment.

Performance tables, details of production and rogue aircraft tests together with over 90 colour profiles ensure The Secret Years forms a comprehensive reference source for the historian and modeller alike.