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For 2018 we will be bringing you a new look for Air-Britain.

We will be altering the way our membership structure works - and will ensure that each member gets the products and services they really want. We are also pleased to be able to announce that, as a consequence our subscription rates for 2018 will generally be lower than for 2017.

For 2018 -
* Air-Britain News (ABN) will continue to be published in its existing hard copy format
* The three quarterly magazines will be amalgamated under the Aviation World title. Subscribers to Aeromilitaria and Archive will continue to enjoy the same articles and features they have received in the past, managed by the same editors - but within the new 72-page magazine.
* Many existing Aviation World features, such as the very popular Air-Britain Photo News, will continue as at present.
* The regular listing features of Aeromilitaria and Archive, including for example Crash Sites, Overseas Complete Registers and Air Ministry Contracts will be published in a new Aviation Archives section of the Members-only section of the updated Air-Britain website.

There will be three new categories of membership for those wanting purely paper magazines.

* NEW CATEGORY A. This will include the monthly hard copy Air-Britain News together with all membership benefits including book discounts - but will not include Aviation World. As an Air-Britain member you will also receive a regular e-mail bulletin which will include news about Air-Britain and details of new titles plus special membership offers and opportunities etc.

* NEW CATEGORY B. This will include the quarterly Aviation World together with all membership benefits - but will not include Air-Britain News. Again, you will also receive the regular e-mail bulletin.

* NEW CATEGORY C. This will be similar to the existing full membership with quarterly Aviation World and Air-Britain News together with all membership benefits and the regular e-mail bulletin.

We will also be changing the current e-ABN offering and, from 2018, the electronic edition of Air-Britain News will now be available via the Pocketmags website. This is a flexible option and is available on all platforms and can be purchased via membership or direct from Pocketmags themselves. Buying direct from the Pocketmags website would not include "membership" of Air-Britain so benefits such as discounts on books and access to the members-only website and ABIX etc would not be available. Single copies of e-ABN would be available to be purchased from Pocketmags as well as 12-month subscriptions.

Subscription notices for 2018 will be sent out in November, 2017. Final subscription rates are still to be agreed but they are expected to be £40 for the NEW CATEGORY A (£49 currently), £30 for NEW CATEGORY B (£40 currently) and £65 for NEW CATEGORY C (£71 currently). UK rates shown.

Members who currently hold a 2-year subscription ending December 2018 will be automatically moved to NEW Category C if you hold a current ABNews subscription (ie.from current categories A,E,F,G), and to NEW Category B if you currently hold a non-News subscription (ie. from current categories B,C,D,L).

Those currently holding a 2-year subscription including e-abn should contact the membership secretary after mid November.