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The Avro 748 - The Full Story of the 748, Andover & ATP

The Avro 748 - The Full Story of the 748, Andover & ATP

Richard J Church

From war-torn southern Sudan to the Canadian Arctic, from the pampas of Argentina to the Indian Himalayas, the Avro 748 family earned a reputation for versatility and ruggedness. First flown in 1960, 381 748s were built - 89 of them in India. These, plus the Andovers and the British Aerospace Advanced Turboprops (ATPs) which succeeded them off the Chadderton and Woodford lines, are covered in this book. Numbers of the 748 family are now fast depleting as more economic types appear.

This volume updates and hugely expands on the monograph on the 748 that was published by Air-Britain in 1986.

It describes the development of each type, gives performance and dimensional data, and provides detailed individual histories of all the aircraft. Details of every operator and their use of each aircraft are given, together with detailed line drawings (including of little-known projected versions) and a comprehensive selection of photographs. A searchable CD includes the histories of each aircraft in linear format and full operator histories.

A4 hardback. 304 pages. More than 300 photographs, of which over half are in colour, plus drawings.

"Richard Church's comprehensive, well-illustrated history of the 748, Andover and the ATP does full justice to them. I strongly recommend this book to those interested in the types."
Stephen Skinner in Aerospace, the Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society.