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False Dawn
- The Beagle Aircraft Story

False Dawn - The Beagle Aircraft Story

Tom Wenham

Beagle emerged in the mist of a 1960 October dawn. It was the climax of Peter Masefields dream to overthrow the myth of Britain not being able to sustain a light aircraft industry. The company only lasted ten years. A decade of mis-management, domination of the wrong designs and fearsome boardroom battles, all within a period of a national economic crisis. The British government stepped in to help but ultimately only to steer the company into receivership.

The author has diligently researched his subject and has enjoyed unqualified access to company papers held within Masefield’s personal archive as well as extensive files held at The National Archives.

The story of Beagle, long overdue in the telling, is covered in this definitive history. 464 pages.

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