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The General Aviation Handbook

The General Aviation Handbook

A Guide to Millennial General Aviation Manufacturers and their Aircraft
From Business Jets and Turboprops to Light Sports and Ultralights 2000-2021

Rod Simpson, Pete Longley and Robert Swan

• Worldwide coverage
• Compiled by leading experts
• 344 different manufacturers, including serial number systems
• 1,500 different aircraft types mentioned, including variants and numbers built
• 256 A4 pages and 562 colour photographs

The General Aviation Handbook was last published in 2005 by Midland Counties Publishing as a quick reference to private aircraft built from 1945. Since then there has been a huge expansion in the number of types of new light aircraft, particularly in the Light Sport and Ultralight categories. General Aviation 2022 follows the same format as the earlier General Aviation Handbook for all fixed wing aircraft manufactured after 2000.

Part 1 covers mainstream companies producing traditional type-certificated aircraft and Part 2 covers Ultralight and Light Sport manufacturers and aircraft which have been built in production quantities in factory-complete ready-to-fly form, although they may also be offered as kits to amateur builders. As far as possible, serial number systems are described for all manufacturers and many other details are included, including descriptions of all the variants and all available information on numbers of aircraft built up to the end of 2021.

This lavishly-illustrated book is a vital guide to the complicated world of General Aviation. Identifying the many types of modern light aircraft can be a frustrating experience – but you will find all the answers in this book!

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