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Piper Aircraft - Freedom of Flight

Piper Aircraft - Freedom of Flight

Piper Aircraft - Freedom of Flight
Roger W Peperell

This is the history of the iconic American aircraft manufacturer. The author Roger Peperell, is Piper’s Company Historian. This work of two volumes has been produced with the complete co-operation of Piper Aircraft Inc. and the Piper Aviation Museum, where Roger is a Board Director. Piper celebrated its 80th year in 2017. Since its creation Piper have built and sold more than 133,000 aircraft. Today they are still building seven different models at their factory at Vero Beach, Florida, USA.

The first volume covers the history of the company and the development of all the types produced from Taylor through to the latest M600 models. Prototypes, proposed designs, Aerostars, PiperSports and overseas production are all included. There are summarised production and specification tables plus side-view drawings.

The second volume is the reference point for all the performance and production details of each model. This is up to date to the beginning of 2020 and contains full production tables, performance and specification tables, military cross-reference tables, foreign assembly production tables, three-view drawings and Development plans

In the two volumes there are 1,990 illustrations, photographs, drawings, Artist’s Impressions, logos and side-views.

Two Volumes details:-
First book hardback (217mm x 275mm) with narrative of the company’s history and aircraft, 528 pages, over 1,500 colour and B&W images.
Second book softback full production tables etc. 128 pages.

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