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RAF Register series (sample cover shown)

RAF Register series (sample cover shown)

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James J Halley

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The Royal Air Force Register books list aircraft of the Royal Air Force in serial order and provide details of each aircraft, the units which flew it and its final fate.

Appendices list presentation aircraft, details of the types contained in the volume and any additional information relating to the serial batch.

RAF BA100-BZ999
The aircraft in the BA-BZ range were delivered to the Royal Air Force between September 1940 and November 1944. They included very large numbers of Hurricanes and Spitfires, many of which were shipped overseas.
Also to be found in this 144-page softback volume from Jim Halley are Liberators, Mohawks and Stirlings, plus various captured and impressed aircraft. There is a list of presentation aircraft and a selection of black and white photographs.

RAF DA100-DZ999
Jim Halley’s indispensable review of the DA-DZ range particularly features Mosquitos, Sunderlands, Beauforts, several runs of Tiger Moths, Oxfords, Wellingtons, Halifaxes, Ansons, Masters, Typhoons, Lancasters and Wellingtons most of them delivered in 1942 and 1943. A run of Gloster F.9/40 prototypes hints at what is to follow, and a sprinkling of impressed civil aircraft adds to the variety.
A4 softback, 112 pages, 22 black and white photographs.

RAF EA100-EZ999
This, the second edition of Jim Halley’s in-depth reviews of RAF aircraft, expands vastly on the original edition. This book gives the history of every aircraft in the EA-EZ sequence. As usual, it includes the squadrons and units served by each aircraft and their fate. The EA-EZ sequence included large batches of Halifaxes, Whitleys, Oxfords, Lancasters, Meteors, Stirlings, Ansons, Blenheims, Tempests, Typhoons, Beaufi ghters, Masters, Tiger Moths, Liberators, and Harvards.
A4 softback, 136 pages and numerous photographs.

RAF P1000-R9999
The P and R series included a large proportion of the aircraft that were delivered to the Royal Air Force from summer 1939 through to 1943. Training types in this range included the Oxford, Magister, Harvard, Proctor, Tiger Moth and Anson. Bombers included the Hampden, Wellington, Whitley, Manchester and Lancaster. Fighters included large batches of Hurricanes and Spitfires, plus Whirlwinds and Typhoons. That formidable maritime weapon, the Sunderland, is also to be found along with smaller number of transport types such as the Dragon Rapide and Flamingo. This is a valuable reference for students of the World War Two aerial conflict.

This second edition expands greatly on the original 1970s book. The squadrons and units that operated each aircraft are given, along with its fate. A4 softback. 184 pages. Numerous photographs.

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