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Scottish Aviation Pioneers

Scottish Aviation Pioneers

Scottish Aviation Pioneers – Scotland’s STOL Specialists

Chris Hobson

Written by arguably the leading expert on these two types, Scottish Aviation Pioneers chronicles the development, production and military & civil use of the both types of aircraft.

The Pioneer and Twin Pioneer were best known for their impressive short take-off and landing capabilities and their docile handling qualities which enabled them to operate in some of the most challenging locations throughout the world. The single-engine Pioneer was capable of operating into very short, rough airstrips and was cheaper to fly than helicopters which, certainly during the 1950s, were limited in payload and not always reliable in tough environments. The Twin Pioneer also had a very good STOL capability, but would certainly have benefitted from a more powerful, preferably turboprop, engine had one been available at that time.

The aircraft were most successful in military operations in the Far East, the Middle East and Africa. These demanded a rugged, reliable aircraft that was relatively simple to fly and maintain. In these criteria the Pioneer and Twin Pioneer excelled. Whether it was in hot and humid conditions in the jungles and mountains of Malaysia and Borneo, or the sandy desert strips of Aden and Oman or the hot and high conditions of Kenya, the aircraft performed admirably and provided vital services to the ground forces they supported.

Serving only in support roles, the Pioneer and Twin Pioneer never achieved the prominence of many aircraft designs of the 1950s but nevertheless they built up a good reputation in the roles that they performed and were well liked by both aircrew and ground crew.

The book covers both their military (RAF and other countries) and somewhat lesser civil uses in boundless detail. It brings together a marvellous selection of images, both b&w and contemporary colour sourced by the author, excellent three vie line drawings and 10 colour side views by Mike Zoeller, information on surviving examples, and as always full histories of all aircraft.

A4, Softback, 200 photos, 120 pages, three view line drawings and 10 colour side views.