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Spitfire International

Spitfire International

Helmut Terbeck, Harry van der Meer and Ray Sturtivant

During and after the Second World War, well over 6,000 Spitfires and Seafires were flown by air forces around the world other than the RAF. Spitfire International provides detailed histories of all those that have been identified.
When the war ended many thousands of Spitfires were in storage and became available for sale. They were particularly popular with countries seeking to rebuild or re-equip their air forces. As the numbers dwindled, the Spitfire became sought after by collectors around the world. Rebuilt examples began to appear at air shows, becoming a star turn. As stocks diminished, values rose. A serviceable Spitfire can now command a huge price.

This 480-page book provides information on the many air forces concerned and the uses to which the aircraft were put and the units which operated them.

Spitfire International also includes outline details of all Spitfires known to have been flown outside the UK with civil registrations. It is profusely illustrated with around 460 black & white and colour illustrations, including side views, insignia and maps.

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