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Category M - 'Membership Only' E-ABN Add-On

Category M - 'Membership Only' E-ABN Add-On

Electronic Air-Britain News can only be purchased at https://pocketmags.com/

This category purchases a free 'Membership Only' Add-on for purchasers of 'PocketMags' Electronic Air-Britain News

NOTE: If you have subscribed for Air-Britain Aviation World (Category B) as well as your PocketMags subscription, you are already a member of Air-Britain and you do not need to order membership here

1. Purchase Electronic Air-Britain News at https://pocketmags.com for a period of 12 months (PocketMags of less than 12 months are not eligible). We recommend January-December - see below

2. Complete an Air-Britain order for 'Category 'M' Membership Only' Add-on - no charge will be made by Air-Britain

3. Air-Britain membership runs January-December ONLY. This may differ from your PocketMags subscription period. The current membership year will be offered only. [PocketMags subscribers starting late 2018 will gain the additional period as shown below].

4. Please forward by e-mail a copy of your PocketMags e-mail subscription confirmation to membership@air-britain.co.uk.

ENSURE the e-mail you use for your PocketMags subscription is the same as you use for your Air-Britain membership. Note: We will also verify your 12 months subscription at PocketMags before approving your membership.

You cannot obtain Membership of Air-Britain without the purchase of a magazine subscription.