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21 January 2024:

The charging of additional fees for magazines occurred to a small number of Belgian members in December and the cost implications were brought to our attention. Until very recently we have very few reports of it elsewhere in the EU and in Belgium it is being applied inconsistently. PostNL in the Netherlands appear to have started adding these charges from Jan 1 2024. Other countries are also being affected.

The charges have come about following the EU changing its rules for duty/taxing imports, combined with the UK’s exit from the EU. Since we were first made aware of this Air Britain have been looking at what we can do about it and we are actively looking at a number of options, including using PDFs. The use of PDFs has its risks, for example it would be easy post it the PDF onto the internet so making it free to anyone and consequently AB could lose all our income unless it can be secured in some way.

We can assure you that we are looking to find a cost effective and efficient solution as soon as possible. This is our No1 administrative priority. Our conclusions will be made known as soon as possible.

For further information, this matter is being dealt with at Air-Britain by philipdkemp@btinternet.com

NOTE: Replacement Magazines: We regret, we are unable to replace magazines that are returned to us because the collection fees have not been made. Replacing would, in any case, end up with the same problem.